Witness our interpretation of the human extinction in this video, first of a series, realized for the launch of the footwear brand muro.exe... CONTINUE READING

posted on 14/09/2013

Last March Fikera Studio started collaborating with the clothing brand IOUEYOU on a short movie to present the IOU Project.
Today the new video was launched on the famous fashion platform YOOX.com...CONTINUE READING

posted on 18/04/2013

On-line the new project we have been collaborating on with FIFTYFIVEDSL!
Today was launched the photographic competition #55DSLANIMAL in partnership with AIRBNB, NOKIA and FREEFUTOOL...CONTINUE READING

posted on 08/04/2013

If you have been following our recent projects, you probably know that, during the last few months, we have been collaborating with the brand Eastpak and the academy of design IED for their Bag in Town Competition.CONTINUE READING

posted on 18/01/2013

Interview with Fikera Studio on IED Madrid Network.

Ied Madrid Interview
posted on 14/11/2012

Bag in Town is arriving to the hottest moment! As communication tutor of the project, for the second creative factory we’re invited in a special location: the IED academy of Venice. CONTINUE READING

Eastpak & Ied /// Bag In Town /// Venice Workshop
posted on 31/10/2012

With the Bicycle Film Festival in the city, we couldnt stay in the studio! For the occasion we are asked to realize a short movie for EASTPAK. We choose the point of view of an Urban InsideR

BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL /// Video Shooting Alleycat Eastpak
posted on 13/10/2012

We have been invited to take part as communication tutor in a 3 days workshop at the IED academy of Madrid for the first Bag in Town Creative Factory.

Eastpak & Ied /// Bag In Town /// Madrid Workshop
posted on 25/09/2012

55DSL presents BMM at the Milano Film Festival. We were asked to realize a short video to document the launch of the featuring film with the collective CANADA. The leit-motiv of the movie are italian steriotypes

Milano Film Festival 55dsl
posted on 19/09/2012

A nice day in Casa Peseta.

Alfa by Peseta
posted on 08/06/2012

Coming Soon!

55dsl Naba final event fiftyfive fight 4 the future
posted on 04/06/2012

55DSL & NABA /// THE TEASER /// Fifty Five Fights For the Future
posted on 31/05/2012

Coming Soon!

Alleycat Race Eastpak
posted on 28/04/2012

The project we are collaborating with 55DSL and Naba Accademy is arriving to hottest moment!
Selected from over 30 projects, just 11 group get the chance to present to Andrea Rosso and the creative department of 55DSL their works. > CONTINUE READING

Progress III /// 55DSL & NABA /// Fifty Five fights 4 The Future ///
posted on 15/03/2012

The 7th February 2012 we met once more the Fighters!
The Naba students involved in the FFF4TF project presented the evolution of their works to Andrea Rosso , creative director of 55DSL.

Progress II /// 55DSL & NABA /// Fifty Five fights 4 The Future
posted on 08/02/2012

Chicha Mochila, the bag that we transformed into a "Road Map" while traveling in Perù for a documentary, it's in Berlin for the international launch of the Eastpak Artist Studio project.

Fikera Studio in Berlin at Eastpak Artist Studio Event
posted on 18/01/2012

In October the team of 55DSL launched an unventional academic project in collaboration with Naba Academy delivering a creative brief to the students of 5 different departments.
Over 30 multidisciplinary groups of students are working on a concept to present their own creative proposals.

Progress I /// 55DSL & NABA /// Fifty Five fights 4 The Future
posted on 14/12/2011

Today we met Andres Gallardo, a fashion designer that launched his own handmade collection of jewelry.
It's very fascinating the way he transforms ceramics in authentic and original jews.

Eastpak Artist Studio ///// Fikera Studio Meets Andrés Gallardo
posted on 22/10/2011